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Ways to fight cravings

Cravings are incredibly powerful and always find their way to sabotage your willpower of wrestling with what you should and shouldn’t do to lose your gained weight.  Unfortunately it is true that it makes so difficult to avoid the fatty foods especially if you have been trying for a few weeks now. But the good news is that it is not impossible to fight with these cravings that hinder your goal in becoming fit.

Listed are a few strategies to crush these food cravings:

1. Find an alternate:

Craving for something sweet like chocolates, ice creams or candies? Instead consume a bowl of fruits like grapes, strawberries or banana. These will not only satisfy your craving will as well nourish your health.  Because cravings are short-lived you will soon forget about it. If you have a habit of munching you can have it slowly, one slice at a time. Similarly if you are craving for something salted like chips then you can alternate it with pistachios, walnuts etc.

2. Breakfast is a must:

Now days it has been a trend of skipping the breakfast. People think that having breakfast plays a role in gaining weight, which is absolutely wrong. People who skip breakfast experience stronger cravings them people who have it. Having the morning meal fairly reduces the size of a mid-morning snack or lunch.

3. Find out the reason of your craving:

“I eat when I’m depressed”, Kung Fu Panda. This happens with most of us. Some eat more when they are depressed similarly some eat more when they are happy. So it is good to keep track of your moods that triggers craving which will eventually help you to deal with the causes and moving forward.

4. Avoid too much servings:

Do not forget that these are just cravings and you are still fighting to lose weight. Eat as much as you need not as much as you want.

5. Keep your morals high:

If people try to let you down by saying that you are fat and you can’t help losing weight. Don’t let them affect your will-power or self-esteem. Continue following your diet and exercise pattern and prove them wrong.

6. Customize your shopping list:

While shopping do not buy fatty foods. Bring in the food that is healthy and will help you lose weight. And obviously if at midnight you are craving for a cookie or a brownie then you are definitely not going out to buy it. Feel lazy and have the healthy light food you have in your fridge.

7. You are dieting:

Dieters get stronger & hard to resist cravings then the non-dieters. So if you are fighting to lose weight or trying to maintain then it’s better to have small healthy meals 6 times a day rather than having fatty foods 3 times. This will help cut down cravings as your stomach will single as full and you won’t feel like eating anything else.