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Skin Care Tips

You might hear a celebrity saying that the secret to their beautiful skin care is that she drinks a lot of water. But what if you are drinking a lot of water but still you got some skin problem. You got a pimple or breakout. Is drinking water enough for everything? Definitely not, when it comes to skin condition then you need something more than just water, something that definitely cures the skin condition. The trick is to be aware of what is going on your skin and find the condition before it is fully blown. Picking up redness, pimple or breakout at an early stage makes it much easier to deal with. Below you will read few tactics on how to take care of your skin routinely and what to do if any problem arises.

Keep It Simple

Stick to the skin care basics consist of cleanse, tone and moisturize. It is best to do pared-down morning plan and doing the majority of treatment at night. Night time is the most important time to rehydrate your skin because it is your healing period. Skin is able to absorb more moisture at night. Wash your face in the morning, apply a moisturizer and sunscreen. At night cleanse your face; use a toner to make your skin tone even, and then apply a moisturizer on your face, neck, and exposed part of chest which come into view. Wait for 15 minutes for applying moisturizer after you have cleansed. You can also add skin nutrients in your moisturizer by picking a moisturizer full of vitamin A, C and E. All these vitamins will increase cell turnover and prevent skin wrinkles.

Party Prep

You are home from your days work and getting ready to go out. You want to refresh your skin quickly. Grab a piece of cotton gauze and dampen it with toner or mineral water, press it to the skin, lightly pulling it taut, then quickly release. This should happen in vigorous motion, focusing on the forehead, eyes and nasal folds. It is called sponge technique because you are expanding the skin when you press. When you release, your pores absorb the moisture and create a temporarily plumped effect.

Skip the Makeup Remover

Keep your skin care free from makeup removers which are mostly alcohol based. Alcohol absorbs moisture from your skin and makes it dehydrated. Instead pick a cleanser which will remove the skin and prevents skin drying.

No over Exfoliation

Scrubs are excellent to give you shiny, glowing young looking skin but do not abuse them. If you wash your face regularly and clean afterwards with a damp towel this is sufficient exfoliation. Most of people over exfoliate their skin which results in broken capillaries and make you prone to skin infections. Usually once weekly exfoliation is sufficient.

Banish Blemishes

Rogue pimples can be treated naturally by Pumpkin Peel. The pumpkin in the mask reacts to your skin?s natural enzymes to help dissolve blemishes, instead of drying them out. Use it as an overnight treatment. It is the fastest way to reduce blemish and breakouts.

Make Your Own Makeup

You can pick an expensive moisturizer our make your own moisturizer that suites your skin. Add a few drops of an oil-based foundation to a moisturizer to create a custom-blended tinted moisturizer. This foundation has an oil base which keeps your skin dewy and conceals any imperfections.

Eye-Opening Treatments

Puffy eyes may be a problem if you are under stress or have trouble sleeping. Use a simple trick to fight your puffy eyes, put a damp tea bag on closed eyes for 10 minutes. Tea is a diuretic; it removes water out of cells and reduces puffiness. Other trick is to use cucumber slices on your eyes. Black circles are very difficult to treat because they are formed as a result of abnormalities of veins. You can apply some retinoids. The most important thing to prevent dark circles is to relieve stress and take a good sleep.

Reduce Redness

If your skin is sensitive and becomes red, irritated with change of weather or applying some makeup. You can choose a balm to help get rid of redness. Balms contain lanolin in it; this prevents oxygenation of skin and help to contain sun induced damage and reduce inflammation.

Pay attention to your Lips

Lips are an important and prominent part of your face, so don?t forget about your lips. When your lips are dry, upper most skin on your lips is thickened and nothing will penetrate through this callus. Use Vaseline alone or in combination with coconut oil on your lips. It will keep your lips moisturized. If your lips are already cracked then apply honey to fill the cracks; this will soothe and promote healing.