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Make Your Mug Manlier

Make Your Mug Manlier

Growing a thick & a prominent mustache is not possible in the blink of an eye off course & if you fall in the category that has to wait for several weeks to get a thick layer of hairs above the lip line then have patience, there are a few things that will help you achieve the mustache that will make you look manlier in less time and those are:

Stress Management:

Stress plays a major role in hair loss & because your mustache is as well made up of hair it affects it also. That is why save yourself from stress or try managing it effectively. Remember, a lot of woman fall for it and if you want to attract them then avoid as much stressors as you can.

A healthy Sleep:

A good night sleep is very important for a human body. It helps fight stress and is also very important for your hair & skin. When you are asleep your body repairs itself which includes hair follicles above your lip line as well.


When we talk about hair follicles then it is also important to know that what these tiny sacs need to work properly. They need Oxygen and nutrients which can be provided by boosting the blood circulation via workout. Workout not only helps you maintain your body & health but your mug as well.

Smoking – a bad habit:

Smoking can hinder boosting the blood circulation which is important for your hair follicles to appropriately. That is why it is very important that you turn your back on such habits. Smoking not only affects your health but it also discolors your teeth, makes your lips darken and your breath stink.

Testosterones enriched Food:

Testosterone can help you grow a thick mustache but consuming testosterones supplements is not a good idea, instead, you can include testosterones boosting foods in your diet like potatoes, avocados, onions, garlic & meat etc.

Vitamin D:

Vitamin D helps produce testosterones in the body which can be easily obtained by the sun. So get up and get yourself exposed to the Sun to get an appropriate amount of Vitamin D. Fish & Egg are also a very good source of Vitamin D.

Skin Care:

If you want to be spotted with a manly mustache then take really good care of your skin as the hair follicle resides under your skin. Wash your face to remove excess oil with a mild soap & water and exfoliate the skin once or twice so that the hair follicles & pores don’t get clogged.


8 glasses of water are really important for your body; it not only keeps you hydrated but flushes out the toxins from your body as well which helps your mustache to grow thicker and longer.

Avoid Trimming & Shaving:

Because not all hair strands on your face grow at the same rate so it would be good if you avoid shaving or trimming for about the month in your first attempt. In the beginning, the mustache might not look good. But your patience and effort will bring you well& desired results.