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Hair Mistakes that Make You Look Older

Hair Mistakes that Make You Look Older

The style of your hair, its color or haircut has a drastic impact on the way you look. If you want to look younger than your actual age, then here are some easy steps for you to follow:

You can collect all the anti-aging products you want for your skin but it will not affect your age in any way but when it comes to the look of your face or age then it’s the hair which make all the difference. When you meet other people, the first thing most people usually notice is your hair.

It’s not about having gray hair because gray hair look wonderful if they have been styled properly and taken care of. In the same case if you have some awesome shades in your hair but the haircut you have does not suit you, it actually makes you look much older than you actual age.

Here are some mistakes that one should not do with their hair, from the color of your hair to the style of the hair you have. These tips can help you look a lot younger than your actual age:

1. The Wrong Haircut

If your hair cut doesn’t suit your face, or if it’s too straight, then it must make you look ten times older than your age. So before having a hair cut make sure that it suits your face because the style and the cut is more important than the length of the hair you have.

It is recommended to have a layered haircut and make sure that it doesn’t fall on your face whether the length of your hair is short or long. It is said that the hair of an individual should frame their face in a soft way. If you are fond of having bangs on your face then it is good to have long sweeping pieces as it makes you look younger and it also covers the forehead lines.

2. A Too-Tight ‘Do

Making a messy bun of your hair or pulling your hair back into a tight ponytail makes you look younger but it makes all the spots and lines on the face much more prominent. You can still make these styles but always keep them soft and it is good if you let some pieces of the hair fall directly on your face. If you are still not satisfied with the look then try this one: tie only some of your hair up and let the other ones free. It works really well. All you have to do is simply make two portions of the hair and then put the pieces on the sides in a pin.

3. A Dated Look

If you have the same old hairstyle since the past many years, then it’s time for a change. One should always keep their hair color and style up to date. However, if you have a classic look then you can wear it forever but when it is timeless, then it’s great. If you are looking for an update then consult with your hairstylist for an honest opinion.

4. Split Ends

Not only the look, color and style but the quality of your hair is also equally important. If your hair is damaged, frizzy and frazzled ends will make your hair rough and make you look much older than your age. To keep your hair fresh and smooth, it is best to have a regular trim after every six months. You can also use several serums that are available in the market to protect your hair from getting damaged through styling. Besides this, it also keeps your hair hydrated and frizz free.

5. Monotone Hair Color

The hair color of an individual doesn’t matter, but if the color of your hair is a solid one, that can make you look older because monotone does not perfectly suit everyone as it mostly doesn’t look original but looks like a wig and makes you look older. Not all hair colors suit every tone of the complexion so it’s better if you consult with your hairstylist to recommend you the best shades that would give you a younger look.

6. The Wrong Color around Your Face

Having highlights and lowlights is not a big deal, but make sure that the top of your hair should be light and the ends should be dark because the brightness on top of your hair will make you look younger and warm.

7. Cool-Toned Shades

If you are going to have highlights in your hair, make sure that the color you are going to use is perfect for you. If you want to look younger, choose light shades. If you are blonde then golden hair would be perfect for you. White hair can also be fun but it would make you look older than your actual age. Choose spicy and warm colors, as cool is youthful for everyone.