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Tips That Can Prevent Obesity

Habits That Can Prevent Obesity

People can change a lot by just changing their basic habits, lifestyle and their daily routine, especially when it comes to controlling or preventing obesity which is an issue for many people due to their laziness.

Here are some simple ways that can help prevent one from gaining weight. These steps can also change the overall well being and health of the individual.

1. Get Proper and Enough Sleep Every Night to prevent obesity

According to several researches, it has been proven that good sleep can help a lot in improving the health of an individual. Getting a good nights’ sleep can also prevent the chances of obesity. Make sure you get nine hours of sleep every night, and during this time there should be no interruption so you can reap the benefits of peaceful sleep. If the individual is not taking or getting proper sleep, then the body thinks that it’s under chronic stress which results in the release of the stress hormone known as cortisol which causes weight gain. However, when the body gets proper sleep, the level of cortisol in the human body drops down which lowers the chances of weight gain.

2. Exercise More

If you want to prevent your body from getting fat then increasing your physical activity is the best way to do that. Moreover, individuals who move about or have a lot of physical activities have less chances of having diseases like cardiovascular disease, dementia, debilitating, cancer and arthritis. How much physical activity should be done, is as much as a person can do. According to recent researches, it has been seen that sitting random for 2 or more hours continuously can negate the benefits of 20 minutes or exercise and it can also increase the chances of having specific diseases like ailments of the heart etc and can cause more diseases than smoking.

According to national and international guidelines, one should always exercise for 150 minutes a week to remain fit and away from obesity. So one must exercise for half an hour daily.

The best way to maintain your health is to keep moving as much as possible throughout the day.

Minor changes in your daily life like using stairs instead of the elevator, parking farther away, walking instead of driving, moving around and walking while talking on the phone.

3. Take vegetables as much as possible

Just like physical activities and exercises, the daily diet of an individual can also prevent and treat obesity, so it is best for one to take fresh fruits and vegetables as much as possible. Eating fresh vegetables and fruits daily also decreases the chances of having many ailments.

According to a recent study done in the United Kingdom, it is recommended to take at least seven servings of vegetables and fruits every day.

4. Avoid taking Soda or Other Sugared Beverages

According to the research, consumption of sugar in drinks or solid foods like pastries etc is directly linked to the obesity epidemic, and the most common ways of get fat is the delivery of sugar in the form of sugared beverages like sodas and juices.

According to a recent research conducted by American Heart Association (AHA), it has been said that women should limit their daily intake of sugar if they want to get rid of or stay away from obesity.

5. Walk the Dog

A number of studies show that having a pet provides a number of health benefits, including prevention from obesity. Pet dogs especially seem to encourage people to exercise more which is the best way to get more physical activity in general.

As a result, it reduces the chances of getting overweight for dog walkers. According to other studies, it has been seen that when people with dogs start walking with their pet, as a result both the dog and the individual losses some weight.