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About Us

We at Healthnic give you quick access to accurate and reliable health care information that you need to maintain your health, live healthier and for those who need help with their disease. We fulfill your desire to one stop solution and access to most up to date, trusted and relevant health care resources.? There are new advancements everyday in the field of health that may affect your life. Keeping yourself aware of these advancements is now easier with?Healthnic newsletters that provide you with all the latest news related to your health care interest.

Internet is loaded with information, finding the right and reliable information that you are looking for is available at Healthnic. Our content is managed in a systematic way from introduction to causes, disease process, symptoms, investigation and finally management.

Our user focused approach is evident from the simplicity of design and in depth search of topics which will satisfy your need. ?We believe in personalized and best user experience.? Our information is simple, user focused and freely available to you.

Our content is unique, user friendly, easily understandable and centered on helping you achieve maximum benefit for your time and attention. There are hundreds of medical conditions and adding, it is difficult for peers to find relevant information on health care. ?We have created a symptom checker which is interactive and specific for quick access to the information you are looking for. You can select a specific region for which you are looking for and it will provide you with a list of all the conditions to choose from. You can select one condition and get full information regarding that condition.

Our editorial board creates new articles every day with up to date references and latest developments in the field of health. Our articles are written in simple plain language to make it understandable for readers. We are committed to provide you with the best of information present over the internet which is useful for the readers including names and dosage of the drugs. Most of the drug dosage is for adults. If you have any specific disease, allergy or you are pregnant it is advisable to contact your physician before using the mentioned drugs and doses.

All the information is published in the interest of public and good intent. Users are advised to consult their physician before using any of health advice. Users can use this information at their own risk. The authors do not take any responsibility for any adverse effect of the drug, allergy or harm to the patient.