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17 Home Remedies to Treat Painful Armpit Lumps

17 Home Remedies to Treat Painful Armpit Lumps

A swollen lump node can be painful and it shows that the body of that person is in a battle against the infection. In some cases, it can be cancer and if the lump is not recovering then the person should go to a doctor for checkup. In other cases it is not always cancer and it is mostly benign infection which causes pain in the lump node. Given below are some home remedies which can help get rid of the swollen lump node.

1. Increase your water intake

A lot of problems faced by people are due to lack of water intake as the regulation of body fluids is affected by it. For proper blood circulation, consuming a lot of water daily is necessary. Increasing your water intake will assist in decreasing the painful lump by providing antibodies which are required to fight the infection.

2. Softly massaging helps in reduction of pain

Massaging the painful lump softly can help decrease the pain and swelling in the armpit. The swollen lump can also be a reason of discomfort which can be cured by the massage.

3. Vitamin E, great for skin issues

Many skin issues are caused due to the deficiency of vitamins and proteins in the human system. Vitamin E is very important for the skin and should be taken regularly to avoid skin problems. Fruits and vegetables contain Vitamin E so they should be taken regularly.

Other than taking a diet rich in Vitamin E, supplements can also be taken.

4. Treatment from warm water

Treatment of swollen lumps can be done with the help of warm water. Take a towel or a small piece of cloth and dip it in hot water. Then place it under the armpit to decrease the swelling and pain.

5. Use of lemon juice

Lemons are rich in Vitamin C and can help reduce swelling. A big glass of water with lemon drops should be taken daily and lemon juice can also be applied on the swollen lump for good results.

6. Use of watermelon juice

Watermelon is great for cleaning blood and it also assists in decreasing bacteria which is the reason of the swelling. One should consume watermelon juice in breakfast which will not only fulfill the need of water in the body but also cleanse the body.

7. Nutmeg

Nutmeg comes from the family of nuts and its powder should be mixed with hot water for drinking as it helps battle against bacteria causing the swelling and pain. If a person doesn’t like the taste of the mixture then honey can be added to improve the taste.

8. Turmeric

Antiseptic properties are present in turmeric which can be used by adding a spoon of it in a cup of hot milk as it helps decrease the swelling.

If a person doesn’t want to drink it, then it can be applied to the lump by making a paste. It will reduce the itching and discomfort also.

9. Onion

Onions contain anti-microbial and antiseptic properties so onion juice can work great in healing the swelling and getting rid of pain.

Drinking onion juice can also help and you can improve the taste by adding other vegetables in it.

10. Decease the consumption of caffeine

Tea and coffee contain caffeine which should not be consumed if a person is having a painful and swollen lump in the armpit.

Cold drinks should also be avoided and fresh juices should be consumed to get rid of the pain.

11. Vitamin A

To cure a swollen and painful lump, a person should take more Vitamin A in their diet which can be done by adding carrots in your daily salad intake.

12.? Garlic

A great solution for swollen lumps is to consume some garlic cloves after waking up early in the morning. Anti-inflammatory properties present in garlic make it good for curing of swollen lumps.

13. Charcoal Compress

Make a gel for the treatment of swollen lumps by adding flax seeds and water with charcoal. Then put these on paper towels and place them on the swollen lump. This treatment should be done a couple of hours daily to get rid of the swollen and painful lump.

14. Contrast baths

Using both warm and cold water to take a bath is a great solution to get rid of painful lumps. The cold treatment assists in getting comfort from the pain while the warm treatment helps in making the blood circulation better.

15. Oily and spicy meals

Oily foods including fried or spicy junk food can be a reason of more sweating that can cause bacterial growth and swollen lumps. Keep a check on the growth of bacteria and avoid meals which are harmful in a sense of making the lump pain worse.

16. Keep the area clean

Take extra care of the area which is infected and keep it clean. Hygiene is important to avoid many diseases if a person stays unclean. The armpits should be made clean and one should keep them dry.

17. Stop eating meals that are harmful

There are many meals which if taken can increase pain and itchiness in the lump. So it is better to avoid those meals by noting down the foods that increase the pain when consumed and then avoiding them totally.

A few points should be kept in mind if you suffer from swollen lumps:

  • Do not use the towel on another individual or family member who may have lumps because the infection can spread
  • Avoid using toiletries of other individuals
  • Lukewarm water should be used to clean the infected and painful area
  • A person should not pick the lump because it can become more painful
  • Visit a doctor if the lump stays for more than a week
  • Do not remove the hair from your armpits as it can make the issue worse
  • Take a bath daily
  • Perfumes and deodorants should be avoided as it will help get rid of the lump

These remedies have been tested by many people who have benefited from them. They are also not difficult to do so one should try them before doing anything else.