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Diet Mistakes

10 Mistakes Women make with Diets

The diet and weight plans that women usually watch on television and the diets they take keep them in the dark about sustainable healthy eating habits, but now it’s time for these women to take care of their diet themselves. When it comes to the concept of diet, women mostly do it by eating supplements which slow down their metabolism rate. But instead of doing this, it is better to exercise daily and eat healthy foods which support muscle retention and growth because the metabolic system and muscles of the human body are intimately connected with each other.

Sometimes women take too much dietary fats and carbohydrates and avoid protein and fiber. Women athletes should take a proper diet and they should always make sure that they also have the right amount of protein in their diet.

Women think too much about avoiding foods that have calories when they have to decide what to eat. They should realize the fact that taking a balanced diet is necessary for everyone and they should take back control of their eating habits.

Here are some mistakes that women usually do with their diets. If you know anyone whom you can relate with these mistakes, make them realize that they are wrong and guide them back to sanity.

1. Women usually adopt diet plans that are advertised on television

For women who are craving to lose weight, the sentence “lose five pounds in a week” seems more attractive than anything else in the world. These plans say that there is no need to avoid pizzas and pancakes but all you have to do is eat some prepackaged meals or point allotment of foods and you will lose weight. These plans are too bad and 97% of these plans usually fail if you try them for a long period of time.

Why are the results disappointing?

In order to get fast results, these diets demand taking less calories and eating less. These techniques rebound in weight once the special diet is over and women again gain weight. Taking a diet with very low calories is a surefire way to lose muscle mass, and taking foods that contain less calories slow the metabolism rate, so women experience caloric compensation in their body once their appetites catch up. These special diets are for women who don’t train their body and so these women not only gain the lost weight back but they gain much more weight than they actually had before.

These plans are only beneficial for women if they know what makes them fat so they can avoid them. All these tips would stop working if the person has dieted too much and then they became healthy eaters. In this case, individuals build a bit more muscle and always gain the weight again.

Programs with premeasured foods and point systems always keep women in the dark saying that they would get a permanent change in their body which is not true. Once people gain the weight back again, it is much more than the actual weight they once had. This makes them go back to the diet plan and use the weight loss supplement whenever they need the same amount of weight loss.

Most diet plans that women see on television are nutritionally antiquated, so it’s a warning for everyone to avoid taking those evil saturated fats while including some approved ingredients in their meals like corn syrup or frozen meals.


If you want long term success then you must invest some time in making your own food which is nutritious and can be more tasty. One should never depend on diet plans too much and make sure that they have enough knowledge about nutrition. Besides this, women always need to accept some responsibility.

2. People always ignore the obvious

People mostly look for a special component in their diet that is hard to understand rather than concentrating on the real problem which is the actual cause. A lot of people have actually found out what Dr. Oz’s secret fat loss formula is, after which they had to put a stop on the bad food choices they were taking on a daily basis.

For some people it is easier to find out what they are eating because they know that there are several ways that can help them reach their aim. Partying weekends usually make people eat loads of unhealthy foods like taking too much calories in the shape of sweets and fast-food. One should not take too many desserts, drinks like coffees and one should also avoid snacks that are made up of nut butter and dried fruits as all these meals are blunders for people who are actually trying to lose weight. Most people know what their weaknesses are but they keep on eating the junk food as part of their regular diet which makes them go back on the same scale sizes as they were before. Some people think that if they take petite sized servings of junk foods, they won’t get fat, which is wrong because even a small intake of calories will affect your body.


If you want to lose weight then you have to be honest about your eating habits. A diet chart can help track what the person is eating, when one should eat it, and the effects of the specific foods on the human body. How many snacks are your taking without knowing unconsciously throughout the whole day? Can you avoid extra foods like your kids leftovers? What some innocent snacks can lead you to? A diet chart will help you find the solution to all these problems. Besides this, a diet chart will also help you know that eating healthy foods works better in controlling your appetite instead of eating junk foods.

3. Taking Health Food that is Fake

When health conscious women come to know that they should consume more proteins or fibers in their diet, they usually rush to the supermarket to buy fortified packaged foods and these foods mostly contain fake health information which is not good and include loads of sugar bombs. Most women do not realize that these bombs of sugar are listed with different names in the list of ingredients and all of these elements do the same thing, so one should always make sure that the food they take is sugar free, high in fiber, free from fats and gluten, and contain organic fibers. These foods do not make you fat no matter how much of them you take on a daily basis.

All of these products seem to be really healthy in nature, so more can be taken easily. According to a research, one bar of fiber or one bowl of Kashi Go Leah should be taken. The reason behind this is that these things make you feel hungry rather than satisfying the appetite. They are metaphysical and they don’t have any other purpose rather than giving an impression that you are taking a good and healthy diet.

Foods like Boost, Carnation Instant Breakfast, Special-K protein shakes, Kashi cereals and cookies protein cereal, Slim Fast, Kind Bars and Ensure, are junk foods that are dangerous for people who want to lose weight as they contain a lot of calories.


Women who want to take foods that are full of protein should go for meat and eggs because they are enriched with proteins you need rather than going for any other chemical product that may have fake proteins in it.

4. Obsessing Over Fat Loss and Not Eating for Hypertrophy

Some women always keep on dieting and the thing which actually makes them strange is that they seem to be a little over weight. Suppose if the same women have been on strict diets in the past two years; they should be lean by now. The main problem about these women is that they keep dieting all the time and they make weight loss their first priority, but eventually they don’t realize that if they have more muscle, then they would become more efficient at burning fat. In order to stay slim, it is recommended to eat less because the more you eat, the more fat one will become. Women who always keep dieting lose muscle mass and when they avoid the same amount of calories, their weight spirals and gets out of control and then they complain that their dieting and other weight loss efforts do not work. These women actually start thinking that they have bad genetics which never let them lose weight.

In order to get slim, females who are dangerously overweight can get a better body by exercising regularly. When they try to lose weight through unproductive ways, they damage their muscles more than they might think.

There are some strategies for weight loss which actually work for a specific period of time, but after that, the body adapts, plateaus, and regresses as muscle is catabolized. This is not a good thing because in the middle of these type of strenuous exercises, the muscles of these individuals lead to a handicapped metabolism and a very skinny body, so people who want to lose weight should not adopt these weight loss strategies. Those who keep doing so much by even using wrong methods are just damaging their bodies.


How can you maintain a healthy body where you don’t have to diet? The best way to do that is to build more muscle and eat a healthy diet as both of these things are equally helpful. That definitely doesn’t mean that you are allowed to eat crap. In order to work hard, one should always be fueled up with something healthy, so that you may feel the muscles building when you pump healthy nutrition into them.

Then when you go to the gym, you will actually build muscle. How? By lifting weights that are heavy enough to challenge you and by seeking the muscle ache and tightness that indicates work is being done. Building muscle mass is not just using dumbbells and running around after a 100 calorie breakfast. It requires focus and an actual desire to build.

So when these women try to go to the gym, all they need to do is try to build muscles rather than burning calories. That is possible by lifting weights that can actually cause some muscle ache as they challenge you which is an indication that what you are trying to do will actually be done.

It is a fact that losing body fat and gaining muscles at the same time is not an easy thing, but you can easily burn body fats if you try.

5. Having Emotional Judgments and Hang-Ups

All women are not the same, and both men and women have different opinions about food.

When a female overindulges, instead of moving on, she loses her identity in the sadness and self worth she has. These things don’t matter until she punishes herself for what she has done and never stops regretting. Then her organized aptitude will tell her to make up for those dietary blunders or mistakes with further dietary restrictions which actually lead to the same condition again.

Women mostly find themselves in a constant ebb and flow of hyper-restriction but if they tried to move on, they’ll be somewhat able to find their self worth. Women have a serious link with the foods they take as they are very serious about it. When women eat less, they are actually more confident, thinking that they are losing weight but when they eat more they get stressed and they don’t generally feel good about it.


The best thing that women can do is that they should stop combining the two things, their self worth with their eating habits. Women should always deal with their emotions in other ways instead of relating them with food. They should also take a healthy diet. If you are taking more calories, then you must burn those calories with walk or exercise. Good intake of food is also a way of releasing stress. One should change the concept of hypertrophy and not mix it with diet restriction. If you keep on focusing to be a supermodel, then you will never get results because smart work is necessary with hard work.

6. Overeating at Night to fulfill the lack of nutrition

Females who eat less during the day or fast during the first half of the day, usually think that they are allowed to eat a lot at night which is wrong. During the day, the bodies of these females keep on screaming for nutrition which is necessary, but this lack of nutrition leads to elevated cholesterol levels for longer time periods.

This combination of high cholesterol in the body and insufficiency of nutrients becomes a ticking time bomb. When women are starving the whole day, they don’t want to think of preparing healthy food and they look for food that is readily available no matter how much calories it contains as they just want to fulfill their starvation.


If women ate during the day and fueled up appropriately for workouts, it helps them fight their night time cravings and they also have the energy to prepare their meals in the morning.

7. Not Eating Enough Protein which is necessary for the human body

Most people don’t realize that they have a lack of proteins. For women who have lack of proteins, it is said that a gram per pound of body weight is a decent rule for lifters, but when it comes to their eating habits, they need to have some control, so they only eat what they need to rather than the leftover of their families also. It is best to take supplements as they work like meat and other pretentious items.

If you want to lose weight, then having as much protein as you can in a day is very beneficial for you. Do you know the reason why is it beneficial for you? Because protein helps build more muscle, and during digestion, it’s more calorically expensive than carbs or fat. Moreover, protein also preserves muscles. Compared to other two macronutrients, carbs and fats, proteins have more effect on the body. But women think that they can take chocolates and cookies also if they took small meals, they also get some space for those extra calories.

Mostly, people don’t realize that the extra proteins they take don’t just keep the hunger away, but these extra proteins also prevent the body from muscle atrophy. People who are trying to lose fat have a concept that by eating fewer total calories, they are at an even greater risk of catabolizing muscle because this makes them burn fat more quickly and efficiently.


It is better for women who want to lose weight to track and calculate the intake of proteins in their body so they can make sure that they are getting the right amount which is necessary. If you are fat then proper protein intake might help you in improving your weight.

8. Going to Extremes with Dietary Fat

In recent years, we have seen that women who are most conscious of their health have been getting over their fear of dietary fat and have become lovers of butter, grass-fed butter eaters, coconut oil connoisseurs, avocado lovers and heavy-cream-with-coffee drinkers, but people who are fond of losing weight usually try to avoid all these things.

The saying “fat makes you fat” is an old saying now, as we know that besides fat, there are other foods that can help in weight gain. Most people are now changing this concept and are using nuts and full fat cheeses that help in weight gain. Some people who have the concept that their legs and thighs are releasing processed carbs because they are spiking insulin are mistaken as sometimes there turns a point where it seems that the intake of dietary fat is too much which makes the person fat.

A traditional bodybuilding diet should include lots of vegetables, proteins that are necessary for human body and oats. This type of diet can still be inadequate but make sure that any of these things do not contain animal fat or cholesterol. These hormones help in building healthy muscles and help in maintaining energy. People can enjoy their bedroom playtime as much as they can. One should keep in mind that a fat free diet doesn’t necessarily lead to a fat free body.


It is advised to take a variety of foods like those that contain saturated fats, foods that contain fatty acids as they reduce inflammation and help in losing extra fat, but one should make sure they are avoiding calories that are extra and taking the right amount of carbs.

9. Taking too much carbs

It is a fact that our sedentary population would benefit if they avoid having cereals, dinner rolls, and junk food that is harmful for the human body. People who consume a lot of carbs first get good results but then they get some major hits. The basic problem caused by consuming low plan carbs is that when someone sticks to these plans, they stay slim but when they skip them, they gain a lot more weight than before.

Athletic individuals usually don’t know the capacity a muscular body has available to store glycogen, but the thing is that when athletes or weigh trainers eat carbs, they’re just restoring glycogen to their flattened out muscles so if you want to store more glycogen in the body then it is necessary to have more muscles. Women should avoid depleting the glycogen they have in their muscles because if they do so they are not burning the extra fats but their bodies still appear smaller. The reason behind the smallness is that these women drain out the useable energy and water in the muscles. So it is not actually relatable with gaining or losing weight.


Women athletes usually crave for a lean and powerful body. They should make room in their diet plan for carbs and especially take carbs when they workout as it helps in building more muscles and proves to be much effective in the gym.

10. Eating too many Sweets to be Sweet

Women usually eat too much and even when they say no thanks, they actually take some extra calories unintentionally because in order to be polite with others, they end up eating some extra which does not help them achieves their goals.


Women should change their eating patterns if they want a slim body and learn to say no to any offers which will disrupt their diet plan. If you are being offered healthy food, then you can take it as much as you like or you can add that stuff in your meal to make the intake of food equal with your daily dose.